A few years ago I began the same search that many people of a certain age begin. The search for a purpose…why am I here? What do I want to do when I grow up? I had been taking pictures of my kids and the world around me for a while, mostly to supply material for my scrapbooking habit. One day I decided to do some “searching” and packed up my camera and Ipod and went hiking at a favorite local arboretum. I wandered for hours while Matt Nathanson serenaded me and I lost myself in the little window of my Canon T2i. Over 300 pictures later, while resting on a bench it occurred to me just how happy and content my afternoon had been. I knew I had felt that buzz of peaceful euphoria several times before and that the common denominator was the amazing device around my neck. Finally, I had discovered “my” purpose. Something that simply allowed me to be me. Something that allowed me to see and share the beautiful in the everyday.

Now I look forward to sharing that passion with you by providing a fun and easy experience that allows you and your family to simply be themselves.

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