The Sound of Silence

Have you ever heard the sound of silence? I did over Thanksgiving break. For about 5 minutes I was able to stand here in the snow, surrounded by trees and lake and listen to absolutely no sound. There just is no way to describe it. Utter and complete stillness. Like the only thing you hearContinue reading “The Sound of Silence”

North in Winter

Winter is not my favorite season…yet. I must admit though, that when it comes to photography, it is definitely climbing the charts. It’s peaceful. Magical, when it snows, and lets face it, the ‘no bugs’ thing is a huge draw. Being able to walk through groves and forests without face planting into a spider webContinue reading “North in Winter”

Chicago Taught Me That

Why are fails a must? Why should we embrace the moments that don’t work out like we hoped or planned? This past weekend I traveled to Chicago for their Open House Chicago event. Armed with my itinerary, maps, and a backpack full of healthy snacks, I ventured into the city like it was my firstContinue reading “Chicago Taught Me That”