My365 Day 3


The first Monday of the new year was not a dream come true but then most days are not. Maybe we put too much pressure on these unsuspecting days, after all they have no idea that they are anything different than the Monday before and the Monday before that.

So, to overcome the ordinariness of today I took a detour on my way home hoping to either discover a whole new world or…this. Forever on the look out for old barns and such I get almost giddy when I come across these pieces of history.  Sadly, corn cribs like this one, along with barns and other farm structures  that use to populate the country-side are disappearing as the demand for housing and developments increase.

My365 Day 2 Beauty Scene



As a child I thought it a cruel and heartless joke that fall would strip the trees bare only to leave them naked and exposed to the harsh bitterness of an Iowa winter. I was a sensitive child, prone to finding and “adopting” any lone stuffed animals left on the store shelves. Deeming them misfits and in need of a loving home.

I do not have a great many talents but the one thing that I think I bring to my photography and has probably been the driving force behind my passion, is an ability to see the beauty in almost anything. Even in the mundane and ordinary. While I would never accuse trees of being mundane or ordinary, I remember dreading the ugliness that I felt winter brought to them.

It was just a few short years ago, shortly after I began taking photography seriously, that I noticed a decided change in my attitude of winter in general. With it came the realization that even in their barrenness, trees possess a deep and inspiring beauty all their own.

Today, as I made a quick run into town to return library books and grab provisions for the week, I found myself doing a u-turn to capture this shot. I’ve probably seen this tree a couple dozen times and thought about getting a shot of it but today it simply could not be passed up. It reminds me that everything has a season and everything is beautiful in its time.

My365 Day 1


2016…I’m torn between clinging to days gone by and wanting desperately to just simply move forward. As I have entered my middle ages and my children continue to grow at the speed of light, I long for purpose and simplicity. I also find an unrelenting need to overcome my fears and live the life that up to now I have simply dreamed of.

It is with that persistent need in mind that I am choosing to enter this year with fierce determination. However, I do choose to remain cautious and not dive headlong into the murky waters. No, I’ve made that mistake before and have learned that sort of irresponsibility is for those with nothing to lose. I choose to instead to hang my feet over the proverbial side and let them flutter in and out of the water as I enjoy the refreshing coolness and allow myself to become acclimated to it’s temperatures.

But that cautious attitude does not mean that I am any less petrified. I am not a spotlight seeker. I prefer to mingle about the edges and take in the charm of the scene. Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to photography in the first place. It allows me to be a part of the story and focus in on the details without really being noticed. I have been taking pictures for several years now and would not consider myself to be an amateur but I am self aware and know that I have a great deal to learn before ever considering myself a professional. Being willing to put myself out there is another step in the direction that I feel my path is leading me. While it is a tentative step, I am beyond excited to start this chapter in my story.

Over the next year it is my hope to share that story through this blog. Each day will be a photo of something that represents either where I am, what I have learned or am learning about my craft or maybe just a moment captured that warrants being shared. This is My365…