One of Many

One of Many

A pile of leaves in varying stages of yellowish decay. Some maple, some oak, maybe some linden and birch. Blending together into a menagerie of fall.

Today, as I’m skimming through a batch of photos I took at a local park I feel a great deal like one of these leaves. Just me in a pile of thousands of others. I don’t really stand out even though I may have qualities that are uniquely my own. I don’t feel or look much different despite the reassurance that there is only one me. Truth is, as a person, I’m okay with blending in. I don’t like to be in the spotlight. I prefer to cheer on those who are comfortable being front and center. However, when you’re trying to run a business, your success hinges on how you are different from all the others. How is your product going to stand out? So my goal is to figure out how do I overcome my fears? Not so I stand out but so my work does.

I often joke that I am “behind” the camera for good reasons. First, I simply do not like to have my picture taken. I am not a photogenic person and I know that. Second, I just prefer to be behind the scenes and let those who are photogenic, so-to-speak, have their moment in the limelight.

This year has been an incredible roller-coaster ride as I learn to navigate this new world. I’ve enjoyed some really exciting accomplishments and struggled through a few terrific failures. Some days I have wandered around completely lost and not really sure what I’m doing and where I’m suppose to go next but then by God’s grace someone calls or I get an email that encourages me to just keep showing up. I’m looking forward to a challenging year ahead and continuing to grow and learn. Even though I may blend in among all the other wonderfully colorful leaves, I feel confident that I am right where I’m suppose to be.

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