Fall…Ohhh…Me! Day 12


Located in Water Works Park, this serene little grove makes me wish for the days when my children were little and could be entertained by a rake and a pile of leaves. Okay, not so much the rake but I remember the look of anticipation as they would take a few steps back, then bound forward and throw themselves into the colorful array. Then the ensuing smiles and laughter as their faces emerged, hats or hair covered in bits and pieces of fall.

As I finish this up, I giggle a little. I told Jake recently that I was tired of the same old pictures that we get from school and that this year, I’m going to take his pictures. I think I just decided where and I might just take a rake.

Published by Fence Row Photography

Hello!! Welcome to Fence Row Photography. I am Tina Campbell. Owner, operator, photographer and lover of the great outdoors. Born and raised in Iowa, I have developed an eye for looking beyond the surface of the seasons and it has become my passion to seek, find and share the beauty in the everyday and the unexpected.

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