Fall…Ohhh…Me! Day 10


For many it’s a headache, making their morning commute a white-knuckle-pray-everyone-remembers-to-turn-on-their-headlights (not their brights)! I personally do not enjoy driving in fog either but I do love the ethereal effect that it has on my surroundings. Admittedly, it also has a lazy effect. Looking out my window at this scene this morning, I wanted nothing more than to bury myself back under the covers and drift back off to blissful sleep.

It also reminded me that I’ve been wanting to capture a picture of the fog for this blog and while the desire was not strong enough to get me out of my pajamas and into the outdoors, it was enough to get me out of bed long enough to go grab my camera and practice a few different techniques I had read about. I had heard that setting the white balance to “cloudy” can sometimes eliminate the blue tinge that accompanies some shots like this one. I loved that it worked! See for yourself…Here is the shot using “Daylight” white balance.


And here it is using “Cloudy”.



Published by Fence Row Photography

Hello!! Welcome to Fence Row Photography. I am Tina Campbell. Owner, operator, photographer and lover of the great outdoors. Born and raised in Iowa, I have developed an eye for looking beyond the surface of the seasons and it has become my passion to seek, find and share the beauty in the everyday and the unexpected.

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