As I continue to work out just what I want from this year and this blog I decided tonight I would start at the beginning and work on keeping things simple. This is my visual of the things that I need and matter most to me. These are the things that I need to focus on to achieve balance. All the other stuff…is just stuff. The jerk that cut me off in traffic, the job that I didn’t get, my inability to do math or text as fast as my daughter…that’s the small stuff.

This is the good stuff! My family and friends who inspire me continuously and make me want to be a better person; our home that offers comfort and protection and apparently a safe haven for mice when it’s cold; my husband who brings me joy, teaches me to compromise and reminds me daily to not take myself so seriously; my children who surprise me, challenge me, humble me and help me to know that I am more than the sum of my mistakes; my health without which I could not appreciate most of these things; my love of photography that brightens dull days, gives me a sense of peace and allows me to share our little corner of the world through my eyes; my job that, while tedious, gives me structure, teaches me patience and allows me to afford what I need and occasionally what I want; technology that brings me closer to my dreams and allows me learn, grow and know what everyone ate for dinner; money that teaches me responsibility and in many cases what not to do in life; and all resting on my faith, my belief that God has given me all these wonderful gifts and is alive and with me in all my struggles and disappointments, as well as my victories and achievements.  It in his wisdom and council that I can find hope and strength to gain the balance that I need to live a life of purpose.

Published by Fence Row Photography

Hello!! Welcome to Fence Row Photography. I am Tina Campbell. Owner, operator, photographer and lover of the great outdoors. Born and raised in Iowa, I have developed an eye for looking beyond the surface of the seasons and it has become my passion to seek, find and share the beauty in the everyday and the unexpected.

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