Day 5 Something New


Spaghetti squash is quite good! Just do not be afraid to season it. I think maybe can I understand why some people are so passionate about their cooking. It’s not that I don’t enjoy cooking, it’s more the fact that I’m just not very good at it. And by not very good, I mean I stink at it. I ruin more meals than I get right and I’m forever shocked that I have not yet burned the kitchen to the ground. I once tried to make macaroni with the macaroni still in the strainer.

After a very long, and very difficult day of being pleasant to people who were anything but pleasant to me, I honestly had hoped to come home, eat whatever had hopefully already been cooked and crawl into bed. Instead I walked in the door right at dinner time to find my husband and my son working on math homework. Yuck!! No cooking going on there, aside from perhaps a little smoke rolling out my frustrated sons ears. (Poor thing inherited my non-mathematical ability.)

So, I did what any mother would do. I threw a little tizzy-fit, in my head of course, and then set about coming up with the quickest thing I could make that required little to no skill. As I stood staring into our refrigerating hoping for inspiration or a microwave pizza to appear, the bright yellow squash that I bought in a moment of weakness caught my eye from the counter. Uughh…I’ve never made spaghetti squash before and while it did not seem over complicated it felt like it might be a stretch for my limited patience. Eyes back into the refrigerator…man, there’s the salmon I thawed out…that really needs to be eaten soon before it goes bad. Then again, with me cooking, letting it rot might be the more humane thing. Again I see the squash and the brightness of it makes me smile a little. Okay, fine…I settle on lemon peppered salmon and garlic & butter spaghetti squash.

At some point in between mincing onions and tossing the successfully roasted squash with butter and garlic, I found myself humming and actually enjoying the slight chaos that was my stove. I over-cooked the fish but the flavor of the seasoning was delicious and despite the fact that it could have used more salt or something, I discovered that I really liked the squash. So here’s to one successful meal down and hoping that the next one is not too far off.


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Hello!! Welcome to Fence Row Photography. I am Tina Campbell. Owner, operator, photographer and lover of the great outdoors. Born and raised in Iowa, I have developed an eye for looking beyond the surface of the seasons and it has become my passion to seek, find and share the beauty in the everyday and the unexpected.

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